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A Quiet Place of One's Own. By Paul Hawkins

A Quiet Place of One's Own
By Paul Hawkins

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Book Synopsis

Set in 1939 rural Oklahoma, a lonely, eccentric man pursues the mystery of a murder as a way to atone for his own troubled past. Will a lost love prevent him from leading a simple, ascetic life?


A man road his horse toward town, skirting the edge of the woods, only taking the road to cross a wide, lazy green river. Then it was back to the woods with him. While on the road he had been passed by a Model A packed full of stiff-clothed church-goers. The men wore black, the women long plain dresses. They clutched their hats to their heads. He hung back until the dust cleared. He remembered it was Sunday, but for the longest time days had meant nothing to him. He lived in a kind of grey cloud of a wife dead and his children now adults and fled, and him alone in the house. He noted the seasons, but not the days. He nursed his crop from shoots to mark...
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