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Shepherd Creed by Paul Hawkins

Shepherd Creed
By Paul Hawkins

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Book Synopsis

The adventures of a man wound one notch too tight chasing ambitions one notch farther out than he can achieve. He designs roads for the state but has no idea where he wants his own life too go. Shepherd Creed is earnest to a fault, loyal to his friends, and the terrible swift sword of justice to his foes.


My name is John Smart, and I knew Shepherd Creed as well as any man during his life, and I want to tell his story as best I can, because in the end he was a good man in precisely the sense of how 'good' ought to be. Not great, not flashy, but good in the way one of those stoical saints is good. He may even have been great, but he never would have admitted how great he was. That would have been showy.
He was also a “career man” of forty years with the same place of employment, and to achieve great things in that most banal of cir...
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