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Tales of Horror and the Supernatural 2 by Graeme Winton

Tales of Horror and the Supernatural 2
By Graeme Winton

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Book Synopsis

The second book of horror and supernatural shorts from British author, Graeme Winton.

Excerpt from Sleeping Partner:

I stood in the shadow of Ripon Cathedral’s south side wrapped in the dark and gazed down the natural slope of the graveyard. A swirling mist engulfed the lower part and made the headstones look as if they were moving. The orange glow of streetlamps fought against the dark in the distance.

Organ music drifted out of the Cathedral as I flowed out of the shadows and levitated upright down the hill and mingled with the mist. Ecstasy gripped me as the long departed souls from the ancient graves flowed back and caressed my core. If I were alive, it would have been an orgasmic experience.

I laughed as I gazed up at the dark mass of the Cathedral which seemed to hover above the fog. I then drifted onto the street at...
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