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A Vested Interest by John and Shelia Chapman

Devine Intervention
By Graeme Winton

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Book Synopsis

A novella where DCI Steven Devine, a copper who has used alternative methods to get to his present position, decides to exact revenge on the bullies from his childhood before he retires. He leaves the victims beaten and unconscious, and he is then shocked to be later called to investigate their murders.

Devine reckons someone from his past is out to frame him. There is, however, another explanation, one he is keen to dismiss. When he was a child he was saved from dangerous positions by a supernatural force and this force could be back for some type of deadly


I felt the cold iron bars on my face as the tears ran down my face. I had run as far as I could away from the class bully. I pressed my head against the school perimeter railing and watched the blurred images of people passing by. I was surrounded by other pupil...
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