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The Dark Key by Graeme Winton

The Dark Key
By Graeme Winton

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Book Synopsis

A young Librarian, Matthew, witnesses a supernatural event. The result of which sends him searching for answers to the vision. The answers, however, come looking for him in the form of ghostly monks from the local abbey and thugs of a demon worshipping order. He finds out that he must destroy a key used to lock the gates to the Dark Realm before it is found by dark forces. Matthew also finds out about a feud between two demons which has rumbled through centuries of human history.


You're a demon," growled a face with crimson eyes.
" you mean?" uttered Matthew sleepily.
"Hell's about to erupt into your life," said the face with a cruel laugh.

It was a bright Sunday morning when Matthew Wilson opened his eyes. The sun light, which
shone through his bedroom window, was aliv...
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