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Fabulous Facilitator by Val Hamann

Fabulous Facilitator
By Val Hamann

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Book Synopsis

Facilitation of small groups, in Prison Ministry*

The word 'facilitate' means to assist, aid, calm, cheer, moderate, regulate, run, promote, simplify, expedite, help, disburden, comfort, release and to still.

The opposite of 'facilitate' is to block, delay, prohibit, stop, hold back or to hinder.

The purpose of being a fabulous facilitator / small group enabler is to assist other organisations, leaders and learners - to work together toward one common goal - to uplift, edify and encourage a group of individuals that need healing or teaching in a certain area. Ultimately, what is imparted must be to the benefit of the ministry and all involved.

You as the 'learner' in this workshop, will take part in the healing projects in order to be able to impart what you learn to those you will teach in the future.

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