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Solitary - Val Hamann

By Val Hamann

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Book Synopsis

Solitary confinement allows for no human contact.
Solitary confinement makes it difficult to tell one day from a thousand others
Solitary confinement is a prison within a prison.
Solitary confinement allows a man to be continually surrounded by misery.
Solitary loneliness is a slow, merciless, silent killer.

My name is Solitude.

My birth name is Richard.

I have formed myself a new identity parallel to my surroundings and circumstances. I am surrounded by many, yet I am completely alone. I am lonely and I hate myself for what I have done to myself.

My life is a never ending sea of thoughts, wishes, dreams and nightmares. Thoughts that go over and over in my mind, reminding me of why I find myself here, what I have done and what I can never undo.

Time is one of my greatest enemies, it...
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