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De Facto Divorce by Val Hamann

De Facto Divorce
By Val Hamann

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Book Synopsis

I have written this book for people that have been hurt by the devastation of divorce, the pain experienced from the loss of a spouse, singles that have come out of past bad relationships and for spouses to work on their marriage. You cannot enter into a relationship while you are still hurting, two hurting people cannot heal each other, you need to be whole - and while people say 'time' is a great healer, I believe that only our loving Jesus is.

A rose is planted in soil and a fish swims in water. Both have elements in them, of the thing they are rooted in. The rose has the same elements as the soil it is planted in, the fish has the same elements as the water it swims in. We need to be rooted in Christ. If you remove the rose from the soil, it will die. If you remove the fish from the water, it will die. In the same way, if you remove yourself from Christ, you...
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