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swimming to the Shoreline. By Val Hamann & Gedeon de Goede

Swimming to the Shoreline
By Val Hamann & Gedeon de Goede

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Book Synopsis

Written for Women Prisoners

When Jesus carried the cross he also carried two other things. The will of the Father and the weight of the world, if he can carry the weight of the world, won"t he carry you?

The 25 lessons in this guide will teach women prisoners about social and life skills and how to deal with their emotions, when their boats are rocked. The book is specifically aimed at, but not limited to, many of whom did not have the privilege of attending school; thus it has been written with simplicity. The lessons are designed to be thought-provoking and to stimulate discussion and debate. Instead of just giving the answers to the participants, they will be encouraged to think for themselves. They are given guidance, but ultimately the choices and decisions they make are up to them.


Sometimes as women we fe...
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