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Swimming to the Shoreline.
By Val Hamann & Gedeon de Goede

Category: Religion and Beliefs - Spirituality
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swimming to the Shoreline. By Val Hamann & Gedeon de Goede
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E-book Synopsis

Written for Women Prisoners

When Jesus carried the cross he also carried two other things. The will of the Father and the weight of the world, if he can carry the weight of the world, won‟t he carry you?

The 25 lessons in this guide will teach women prisoners about social and life skills and how to deal with their emotions, when their boats are rocked. The book is specifically aimed at, but not limited to, many of whom did not have the privilege of attending school; thus it has been written with simplicity. The lessons are designed to be thought-provoking and to stimulate discussion and debate. Instead of just giving the answers to the participants, they will be encouraged to think for themselves. They are given guidance, but ultimately the choices and decisions they make are up to them.

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Sometimes as women we feel vulnerable and afraid, as if we have no anchor or resting place. We try to steer our own ships, but while our minds think in one direction, our actions steer in another. We try to do the right thing, but life and its challenges always intervene. We mean well but our words come out wrong. It is time to place Jesus the helm, where all we have to do is set our sails (sights) towards him, while keeping our eyes on the sun (Son). Jesus holds the compass for the direction we are heading in. A ship needs wind in order to sail. At times the wind is calm, other times the wind is stormy. Instead of exhausting ourselves, trying this and that, over analyzing everything, trying in our own strength to work out all of our tomorrows, let us rest in him, as he who is faithful will calm the storm and command the wind: peace be still. Often the storms of life throw you overboard, where you need to swim against the current and encounter various adversities along the way to reaching the shoreline, but whether you are on the ship, thrown overboard, or reached the shoreline, you still need God daily.

Be still and know that God is God. He is almighty, powerful, kind, loving, great, merciful and full of grace. He knows the end from the beginning. Find your rest and peace in him. Trust him. He will break every chain that binds the barrels of doubt, fear, vulnerability, anger, loss, hurt and unforgiveness and help you to throw them overboard, simply because he knows they are too heavy burdens to carry and will cause your ship to sink or sail with difficulty. When the storms come, He will help you to hold onto the barrels of love, love-suffering, patience, mercy, grace, forgiveness and kindness. God will carry your load and lighten your ship’s cargo so that you do not sink.

God will help you set sail on a new adventurous journey with him, which may seem to be like a mysterious unknown island when you first arrive at all the new destinations he has planned for you. You will quickly encounter that God is already there on the shoreline waiting for your arrival and looking back you will realize that he was with you all along. He is waving a white flag at you today, inviting you to partake in His love and grace, through the death of his Son Jesus, who has already died for your sins. Will you reject him, or will you wave your white flag back at him in peace and acceptance? He wants to carry you and heal all your brokenness, redeem you and make you whole again.