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Posted by Sarah Bainbridge

Two romantic teens embracing and looking into each others eyes

As a teenager, you’ll already know that reading love stories is a great way to escape from the stresses of everyday life. And you are not alone, in fact, more young people are reading romance books for teens than ever before.

According to a survey about the reading habits of teenagers, 51% of female teens aged between the ages of 16-19 read “romance and relationship fiction”. And, not surprisingly, 57% of all teenagers prefer to download and read e-books. So you are in the right place here on Obooko!

Free Romance books for teens are a great way to get your feet wet in the romantic genre before you venture into adult literature, especially if you're not sure what you're looking for. That's why we've compiled this list of fantastic teen romance books. The compilation comprises a top 12 of our five-star rated books in the Obooko Teen and Young Adult category. These free e-books include a mix of different teenage romance subjects and storylines to give you a taste of what themes are available. We hope this will help you determine which are your favorites.  

Whilst this selection of romance books for teens has been based on the amount of times each book has been downloaded, they have been shuffled about and are in no particular order. We hope you will return to the download page for each book to leave a star rating and some feedback for the author. Enjoy reading!



Free teen romance book: Kiss and Cry by Meadow Murphy1. Kiss and Cry - Meadow Murphy

Dalia finds herself in a difficult situation after taking a bad tumble on the ice. She is given an ultimatum by Ryan, a hot stranger, compelling her to pick between himself, offering her the chance to become everything she can be, and Adam, the boy she is in love with.

In this sweeping love story, Dalia's limits and bravery are put to the test, breaking hearts in the process. The first of three teen romance novels that are available for free on Obooko.

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Teenage Romance Book: Coexist by Julia Crane2. Coexist - Julia Crane

Paranormal romance. Keegan, a 16-year-old elf who comes from a long line that coexist secretively with humans, is battling to keep her big secret from her pals.

In elfin society, partners are chosen in advance, but they cannot interact until they are eighteen. Keegan's brother Thaddeus broke with convention and revealed Rourk's identity to her because he saw in his visions that she would require his protection.

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Young adult romance book: Priorities by Meadow Murphy3. Priorities - Meadow Murphy

Carrie and Rita look for love in all the right places, targeting very athletic men whom Rita refers to as "cash cows".

The two girls must decide how much more they are prepared to endure just for the chance of a fairy tale ending. Would you be like Rita, or do you favour Carrie's approach? Enjoy following the girls as this dramatic romance unfolds!

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4. Castaway - Krissy Peebles

17-year-old Casey is thrilled to be going on her summer vacation. She's finally shed her tomboy image, and has been told that her schoolmate, Mike seems interested in her.

It starts off happy with lots of flirting, which takes her one step closer to winning her crush's heart, but soon becomes her worst nightmare. During a freak storm, she is thrown into the sea and washes up on a strange tropical island in the middle of nowhere!

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Reading Teen Romance Improves Your Vocabulary!

According to researchers based at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, teenagers who read books in their spare time increase the amount of words they know, and can use in conversation and writing, by a whopping 26% more than teens who never read.

After analyzing the results of a word exercise involving almost 11,000 14-year-olds, the researchers at CLS discovered that teenagers who read for pleasure daily understood more words than those who don’t bother reading in their spare time. What’s more, teens from families of book lovers knew 42% more words than those growing up with fewer books available in the home.

This means, if you read often and have access to plenty of books (including romance books for teens), you are more likely to develop a better vocabulary than fellow teens who wouldn’t know a good book if they fell over it!

What’s more, it’s so easy and convenient to get started with ebooks because anyone can download good romance novels for teens instantly from our Teen & Young Adult category, free of charge, 24 hours a day. When bookstores are closed, we are always open!



Romance novels for teens: Single-handed by Veronca Blade5. Single-Handed - Veronica Blade

Without any help, Alex stands up to and defeats a bully at school. Result! But what else did all the years of martial arts training give her? Not a prom date that's for sure!

With only a few weeks left until the big day, can Alex ditch the tough-girl act in time for the boy of her dreams to notice who she truly is ... just a girl?

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Teen romance book: Summer Camp by Cassie Beatie6. Summer Camp - Cassie Beattie

When I was 14; I had a huge crush on a boy in my drama class, who asked me if I was going to the summer camp. I didn't plan to, but I thought I'd ask my parents. I took the brochure after school and left it on the table for my folks to find and went to help mum with dinner. After the meal, my mum asked me if I wanted to go to the camp. I said that I did, and that a few people from my drama class were also going. I didn’t mention my crush!

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Young adult romance book: I See You by Tina Mag7. I See You - Tina Mag

Mellisa Hue falls in love with the most popular guy at school, but however much she tries to avoid Xavier Ward, their interactions always result in sparks flying, especially because they both experienced heartbreak from the people they loved most.

Can they overcome the odds and survive life's challenges, or will a past flame and a near-death experience prove to be too much for their relationship?

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Teen romance book: Wraithsong by E.J. Squires8. Wraithsong – E.J. Squires

This exciting YA paranormal romance by E. J. Squires is full of passion, suspense and gripping adventure. You'll want to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next.

Wraithsong is the first book in the author's Desirable Creatures Series and was awarded the silver medal in The 2014 annual Readers' Favorite International Award Contest.

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Romantic Books for Teens, Written Just for You

Romance novels for teens are often written in a more casual tone than other genres of literature, which makes them easier to read and understand. They tend to be shorter than other types of books, which makes them perfect for brief bursts of reading when you only have a little bit of time available, like on your way to and from school or college.

Authors ask questions like "what do teens want?" and "why do they do what they do?," which makes their books relevant as well as fun to read. You can therefore feel confident that their young adult romance books are written specifically for you. They're a place where you can escape from the stress of school and your social life, without feeling like you have to read the books recommended by your English teacher!

Many romantic books for teens are told from multiple perspectives, which means that you get to see how different characters react when faced with the same situation or event. This can give you insights into how people behave in real life and help you better understand your own emotions and relationships with others.

Romance novels for teens are exciting, fun to read, and often focus on topics of love, friendship, and family. They can be about high school or college students, but they can also be about adults in their twenties or thirties.



Romance Book for Teens: Untouchable Love by Mia-Lize van der Merwe9. Untouchable Love - Mia-Lize Van Der Merwe

Alisha had a difficult start in life. Her parents died and she had to go live with her uncle. But things were looking up until something happened. That evening, she was kidnapped by someone and her family's secrets come to light.

One person she would never want to be around is Jason, who is part of the group that captured her. They barely get along. However, she can't help but find him attractive. Will love be able to conquer?

Download Untouchable Love



Romance Book for Teens: Soldier Boy by Azita Crerar10. Soldier Boy – Azita Crerar

A time travel story about love and hate, truth and lies, war and peace. In the end, there are always consequences. 17-year-old Kathleen finds herself transported into the past, 60 years ago to a famous battle scene outside her hometown of Middleford.

She also finds love and romance in her life. Now she must make a choice between life in the past or living in the present.

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Teenage romance: Princess Nkonta by Chioma Anozie11. Princess Nkonta – Chioma Anozie

This is a story of love, the green-eyed monster called jealousy and the tale of a contemptible betrayal.

It all took place in the kingdom of Okonti, a distant kingdom tucked away on a lush island surrounded by the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. However, you probably know that the ocean doesn't always sparkle, but it can be a brooding dark blue or turbid brown ...

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Romance Book for Teens: The Healer by C.J. Anaya12. The Healer - C.J. Anaya

Hope conceals a dangerous secret: a gift that could mend the division between the living and the dead.

With two opposing guys (who happen to be gods) fighting to win her love, and a fallen deity determined to take her in for his own evil motives, either she must take matters into her own hands or assume responsibility for her own destiny.

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Once you have checked out our romance books for teens, why not browse the Obooko website for more book genres that might interest you?  Did you know we have a category dedicated to Short Stories by Young Writers: books written by teens at school, just like you. Maybe you or any of your friends would like to submit a story? It doesn’t have to be about romance!