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A Weekend in Brussels. By John Francis Kinsella

A Weekend in Brussels
By John Francis Kinsella

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Book Synopsis

It’s summer 1966 in London. Pat Wolfe, a recently married twenty six year old, is launched on his career in a City of London engineering firm. His conventional life changes when he meets Elsa, a Finnish exchange student. Pat breaks with the conformity of the world he lives in, one he has been led to believe is the quintessence of life, a trap, that he now realises leads to a mind numbing, in the rut, existence. He discovers a different world, one he had only previously glimpsed from afar.


Life was monotonous. Upminster to Monument on the District Line and then the Central Line to Chancery Lane. If you don’t know where Upminster is, it’s out in the sticks, about as far out in the boonies as you can get. An hour to the office from my place in the morning, an hour back in the evening. The estate agent called it a maisonette, but that didn&rs...
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