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The Frozen Ocean By David M. Antonelli

The Frozen Ocean
By David M. Antonelli

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Book Synopsis

The Frozen Ocean is the tragic story of a rebellious teenager and his quest to find meaning in a world dominated by forces seeking to undermine everything he cares for.

Jackie is an edgy teenager obsessed with his motorcycle as much as dark Japanese comic strips. His efforts to seek revenge on a rival gang to impress a girl go wrong and his best friend ends up taking blame for arson. In an unforeseen turn of events the girl's father moves in with Jackie's mother and becomes his stepfather.

When he learns of Jackie's designs on his daughter, he forbids Jackie to see her and sends her away to a boarding school. Torn away from everything that means anything to him he begins to relish dark fantasies about killing her father. But everything goes wrong when these fantasies accidentally come true and Jackie is forced to escape into the dark confines of The Cit...
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