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The Narcissist by David M. Antonelli

The Narcissist
By David M. Antonelli

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Book Synopsis

Jean is a young aspiring “American in Paris” whose entire existence is turned on its head when he returns from Algeria to be with his lover Jillian only to have her vanish mysteriously just days later.

Refusing to believe she is dead, he embarks on a life-altering quest through Paris and rural France, convinced she the secret of her disappearance lies in the works of French surrealist poet and diagnosed schizophrenic Antonin Artaud, while also confronting the disturbing notion that if she is not dead the reasons behind her disappearance may be even more horrifying than her possible murder.

Forced to cooperate with her thesis advisor and bitterly jealous suitor Poilblanc, Jean immerses himself in the labyrinthine world of Artaud, losing himself in an increasingly nebulous maze of clues, which only seem to lead his quest further into absurdity.

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