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Zhlindu by Lee Willard

By Lee Willard

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Book Synopsis

While Alan thinks he's in the '...and they lived happily ever after...' part of his adventure, Desa finally buys the yandrille that drew her to the city. Meanwhile strange beings stalk them thru the depths of the city while above, Ava and her sister must battle to the death or face charges of cloning.

Volume three of The Second Expedition brings all the threads together around the great flaw in virtual human life. This volume is the axle on which all current and future tales of Gordon's Lamp and it's crew turn.


An endless wall of jungle-capped cliffs stretched into the hazy distance to both the north and the south. It loomed above thru a thin veil of cloud on jagged spires and pinnacles rising another half mile into the sky. Far away to the north a ragged ridge-line up to eight hundred feet high stretched many miles til it got...
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