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A Dry Seed by Lee Willard

A Dry Seed
By Lee Willard

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Book Synopsis

The expedition of Gordon's Lamp has reached 61 Cygni and Alan, the only child on the expedition, is doing remarkably well in his courses. With some off-the-record help from their Systems Administrator, he finds he can make his way into secured data areas. When he does he finds secrets about his parents and crew that shock him, almost as much as the secrets he finds out about himself.

This rather long short story also introduces the important members of the crew of Gordon's Lamp.


A thin and pale teenage boy fidgeted nervously at his terminal, alone in his cramped room of metal walls loaded with devices and screens. In his sixteen years of life he had never taken a greater risk, his heart beat faster and his palms were sweaty with the excitement. Alan was in some of the most secure areas he had ever probed, his other breaches of privacy wer...
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