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Tangle in the Dark by Lee Willard

Tangle in the Dark
By Lee Willard

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Book Synopsis

Their mission compromised by a crewman's hack, the Angel seedship Gordon's Lamp descends back into the sol system to find their home ravished by war, specifically a doomsday device in deep space. While being diverted to find that device, an enemy ship approaches, an enemy agent boards and their systems administrator disappears. Was it because of the discoveries they were making in the dark matter, or was it a new hack? And was their hacker the only one who could get their systems administrator back?


From this side the inter-universe portal looked like there was just a little cabana of weathered plank out here on these miles of deserted, palm-lined, soft-sand beach. That cabana went thru to both their homes, or anywhere else they cared to go, as long as Ava was driving. By himself he could only get to that stone door on the south path of Yoonbarla V...
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