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The Tdeshi Quest by Lee Willard

The Tdeshi Quest
By Lee Willard

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Book Synopsis

Twenty one decades ago Jorma's good friend Leand had a fiery daughter named Tdeshi, who stayed with Jorma for a year of passionate bliss. But then Tdeshi slipped off to the great city of Kassidor Yakhan where she was soon taken by a powerful drug.

Now a woman returns, claiming to be Tdeshi's clone daughter and an important sorceress at the Kassikan. Jorma fears that distant lair of powerful wizards, but is determined to win her back in hopes of restoring his friendship with Leand. To do so he must journey with her to the Yakahn and investigate the circumstances of Tdeshi's loss, a loss that may have involved foul play. He must face his fear of the Kassikan and his denial of the role he played in her loss.


As soon as they were near the field where the starship landed, Kulai had a much better appreciation for the problem. Even with the...
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