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The Aluminum Quest by Lee Willard

The Aluminum Quest
By Lee Willard

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Book Synopsis

In this sweeping sequel to The Tdeshi Quest, Jorma and Venna's idyllic life in Sinbara is upended by a visit from a couple from Earth in search of important documents that Tdeshi's clone daughter left in the house where they are living.

couple old maps, a receipt for some dusty cargo and a derelict Brazilian starship may be all that stands between Kassidor and destruction by a giant asteroid. Many secretly struggle for control of that ship while others, driven by jihad against the Kassikan, struggle for control of the asteroid.

The story ranges from quiet peasant farms, thru the bustle of the Yakhan, the wilds of the Highlands and into the simulated realms of the Angels. Eight characters face the same time-line, each knowing more about what's happening, each learning more about themselves and about the structure of the societies that may come after ours...
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