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. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 6 by Lemuel Gulliver XVI

. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 6
By Lemuel Gulliver XVI

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Book Synopsis

Book 6: Our Psychological Motivations.

With a psychologist from the university they discuss psychological motivations such as sex and power--and more. With the combination of values and psychological needs and drives we have a good idea of why people behave as they do, and perhaps how to manipulate their behavior. Such understandings might make it more possible to clarify to the populace the dire straits of their planet and its various societies.


“Attacking reality can include such normal behaviors as laughing, singing, nail biting, thinking, working, playing, dancing, or swimming. Some of these are constructive activities, some are meaningless. Being overly aggressive in the use of a motor vehicle, fighting, beating a child, raping, robbing, or murdering are signs of the ‘fight’ syndrome done to a harmful degree.

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