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. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 8 by Lemuel Gulliver XVI

. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 8
By Lemuel Gulliver XVI

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Book Synopsis

Book 8: Politics - the Science of the Possible.

Dr. Singh of the university assists the commander and his friends to see how people are motivated through political techniques - such as fear, violence, sympathy, lying, etc. Our values and psychological motivations are used by others to manipulate us and by us to manipulate others. What techniques might be best to move people to do something about global warming and overpopulation?


“So let’s get into the idea of politics. As I said, I like the old definition that ‘politics is the science of the possible.’ If you have a goal, what is the best way to make it happen? Whether you want a certain job, or want to negotiate a pay raise, or just want to date your secretary, there is usually a best way to accomplish your goal.

“What if you wanted to become president of...
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