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. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 9 by Lemuel Gulliver XVI

. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 9
By Lemuel Gulliver XVI

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Book Synopsis

Book 9: A Libertarian Paradise.

Cmdr. Gulliver and his friends visit The United Colonies, a libertarian paradise. The basics of this country are extensive freedom, with important responsibilities, and equality of opportunity. The taxes are very low but there is a very high end of life tax-- an estate tax. The people must take care of themselves without government support. They have an extensive educational system. throughout the book the characters compare the US with the country they are visiting.


"Meanwhile the rich keep getting richer. In the US recently the average worker’s pay went up 2% while the average CEO salary rent up 23%. Moreover the average CEO pay for the top 200 firms in the US  was $11.4 million a year.  

“Farm subsidies for not growing food or cotton, government subsidies to produce ethanol a...
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