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. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 1 by Lemuel Gulliver XVI

. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 7
By Lemuel Gulliver XVI

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Book Synopsis

Book 7: Our Visit to Indus.

Indus is on the Indian sub-continent. It is a developing nation with a population problem. However the societal leaders realize that when former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi attempted to limit every family to two children in the 1960s she was voted out of office. Indus therefore has no laws on limiting parenting. So how can the people be manipulated to accept smaller families?


Our drive, mainly on dirt roads, passed the makeshift slum houses--some with driftwood roofs, some with corrugated plastic and some with corrugated metal roofs. The monsoon season would soon visit with the vengeance of Shiva and the solid roofs would offer some protection from the sheets of water that the gods would dump from the sky to cool the 110 to 120 degree furnace that roasted and parched this ancient plain.
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