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Malignant Self-Love - Sam Vaknin
Narcissism Book of Quotes - Sam Vaknin
The Scam Survivor's Handbook By Wayne
The Altar Chase By K Allen
MEN By K Allen
WOMEN By K Allen
A Gay Humanist Manifesto By Alan Keslian
What About Love? by Gina Lake
The Little Yellow Bowl by Douglas M. Del Zotto
Lawful Enlightenment - The Path To A Rewarding Relationship By Justin J White
Government for a New Tomorrow by Anthony Horn
The Three R's: Government That Works! by Anthony Horn
Social Life and Economics by Sumeet Kumar
The Machine Inside The Woman by Kandayia Ali
Issues in Ethics by Sam Vaknin
Seeking Aswers 9.2 edition by Ming Lou
Blog Words 2016. By Rod Pitcher
Adjust Everywhere. Dada Bhagwan
Avoid Clashes. Dada Bhagwan
Anger. Dada Bhagwan
Fault Is Of The Sufferer. Dada Bhagwan
Harmony In Marriage. Dada Bhagwan
Life Without Conflict. Dada Bhagwan
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On Behaviour, one of the free ebooks download by Keith Trimm is a popular download. Here is an excerpt: 'Culture and the need to fit in can and will change a person's behavior in a group. People do things in groups they would never do in private. This isn't ground breaking new science, but it helps explain some behavior. It seems if everyone else is doing it, then it must be ok, especially in tense situations although they were taught it was wrong. When is it ok to loot from a store? I would think never, but if you live in a big city and the power goes out, there will be a group of people who think the behavior is ...