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The technical and science books category covers a very wide area of factual books. It can cover academic as well as more general interest science books. Nearly all students are looking for free textbooks and obooko can help out.

Engineering books on obooko cover a wide range of topics and there are too many to list all of them out. Some key areas are the classics of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing, automotive and environmental. You will also find specifics in areas like Japanese techniques, nuclear, nanotechnology and a whole host of other options whatever your interest or career.

Mathematics is quite literally everywhere and important in all sciences. Mathematics books will cover a wide range of specifics, too many to mention here. But look for applied mathematics, algebra, probability, statistics, logic, trigonometry and geometry. You might also be interested in the history of mathematics and how it has developed over time and how we discovered new things.
Physics is also well represented in the science books section and will cover interesting topics like gravity, magnetism, mechanics, microwaves, aerodynamics, radiation and relativity. There are many more physics books on many more topics.

Building and construction is a broad topic in itself and covers all areas such as buildings, carpentry, electrical, masonry, plumbing, heating and cooling, health & safety. Also the more managerial side of things like estimating.

Electronics is another scientific category with a lot of very specific niches. Clearly another important topic in day to day to life. You can pick up books on integrated circuits, logic, fibre optics, semiconductors, superconductors and many more.

If you have any interest in science books or engineering books you can find something that will satisfy your curiosity for knowledge on the obooko site. Download theses free textbooks and start increasing your technical knowledge today.

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