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The Miraculous Infant of Prague by John Paul Kirkham

The Miraculous Infant of Prague
By John Paul Kirkham

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Book Synopsis

This is the true story of the small wax statue of The Miraculous Infant of Prague. The story spans many hundreds of years from the dusty wayside roads of Cordoba and Seville through Spain and then against a background of wars and conflict in Bohemia which today is the Czech Republic.

Through history and devotion the reader is taken on a rich journey that leads us to Prague's "Mala Strana" (The Old Town) a short stroll from the Charles Bridge.

The book is also a detailed travel guide to many other sacred and spiritual places in the city and the story and information will almost certainly benefit pilgrims, visitors or tourists alike.


The real story starts many hundreds of years ago when the heathens were waging war on the Christian outposts of the Spanish peninsula. A remote monastery stood along the wayside road between Sev...
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