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The Face of Satan's Bog by Peter Stuart Fothergill

The Face of Satan's Bog
By Peter Stuart Fothergill

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Book Synopsis

Book five in the Bounty Hunter series.

2397 AD - A top-class bounty hunter discovers a colossal starship under construction deep inside a mountain. When the ship launches its demonic purpose becomes frighteningly clear.


The stench was unbearable!

Ogus Torquefester screwed up his sagging, folded face in disgust. “What in flesh’s name is that?”
Getting heavily to his feet, he hauled his massive frame around and smashed open the kitchen’s double doors with his gut. Smoke billowed out. Ogus instantly vomited down the front of his tent-like apron as the smell totally saturated the air around him. He made his way forward, wiping away the half-digested noodles that clung to his many chins. Pots and pans littered the floor of the filthy kitchen, covered in a black tar-like substance of unknown origin. “Expla...
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