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Mechanism by Peter Stuart Fothergill

By Peter Stuart Fothergill

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Book Synopsis

Book three in the Bounty Hunter series.

2392 AD - All the cyborgs at the Palace of Amino have gone violently mad, and a massive object is approaching from the edge of the galaxy. Coincidence? The bounty hunters are determined to find out.


Demented and compulsive gambling freaks from all sectors of the galaxy would slip into an endless waking coma of euphoric delight if they were to ever set foot inside one of the Palace of Amino’s luxurious casinos.  One establishment in particular would induce this mind disrupting effect:

The Admiral Torpedo Gambling Chamber
Level 622-631 Central Tower
Inner District 1
The Palace of Amino
Planet Enchantia
(Qualified bounty hunters only)
What a truly remarkable and impressive place!  Ten levels of the most blissful and abundant gamb...
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