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Invasion of the Scab Demons by Peter Stuart Fothergill

Invasion of the Scab Demons
By Peter Stuart Fothergill

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Book Synopsis

Book eight in the Bounty Hunter series.

2433 AD - An infection discovered deep within the core of a comet sets alarm bells ringing at the Palace of Amino. When the origin of the comet is discovered a terrifying plot is revealed. There is not much time.


“It is confirmed as a 17 metre wide hollow stone sphere encased in an irrevium-iron shell.  The stone sphere contains unidentifiable biological matter.”

Sadie Stick, a fourth-class bounty hunter of enticing curves and flexibility, looked at the two-hundred metre wide slab of ice outside the large oval viewport at the front of the bridge.  Its rugged surface glistened brightly in the pale yellow light of the nearby star.  She turned to her artificial companion, who was still gazing down at his sensor screens.  “The same as the other one?”

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