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Rise of the Dough Monster by Peter Stuart Fothergill

Rise of the Dough Monster
By Peter Stuart Fothergill

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Book Synopsis

Book two in the Bounty Hunter series.

2392 AD - A malevolent stranger lands on the backwards world of Mud-Paq, something huge and edible is lurking inside a moon, and a village wise man is much more than he seems.


In a succulent, warm valley surrounded by snow-capped mountains of impeccable beauty, lies a most wondrous place.

Hundreds of gleaming towers rise up into a clear blue sky, reflecting and scattering light in subtle hues of gold and silver.  It is a sight that inspires dreams and feeds desire.  It is a sight that clears the mind and the sinuses of all blockages.  It is a sight that would make a magnificent poster for the bedroom of a student.  It is also a sight that is so secret, so well hidden, that most mortal entities never have or never will see it.

That place, that sight, is the magnificent P...
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