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The Nomads and the Mind Machine by Peter Stuart Fothergill

The Nomads and the Mind Machine
By Peter Stuart Fothergill

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Book Synopsis

Book eight in the Bounty Hunter series.

2421 AD - The kidnapping of two professors and the appearance of a hideously bloated woman leads bounty hunters to an insanely terrifying conclusion: an invasion by a brutal and furry extra-galactic civilisation is in progress.


Smooth and black, the small craft dropped out of the smog-laced clouds leaving a swirl of disturbance in its wake. Descending quickly through the dark humid atmosphere, the craft pulled out of its dive and leveled of just a few metres above the steaming swamplands below.

For a thousand kilometres the craft cruised across the swamps, its aerodynamic design causing barely a disturbance on the wet and decaying landscape below. Even the drokodriles - scaly web-footed creatures known for their extreme timidity and tendency to overreact - paid no attention as the craft sped overh...
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