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The Impaler and the Slim-Jims by Peter Stuart Fothergil

The Impaler and the Slim-Jims
By Peter Stuart Fothergill

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Book Synopsis

Book four in the Bounty Hunter series.

2393 AD - After crash-landing on a seemingly deserted planet, two top-class bounty hunters discover an underground community of scientists. What are they hiding from? And why are the males grotesquely deformed?


It was well and truly jammed all right.

Panman, a bounty hunter of impenetrable acumen and potent concentration, stood heroically on the topside of the Blenheim and surveyed the scene.  The ship was wedged tightly in a fifty metre wide hard-rock crevasse, a crevasse only half the width of the ship itself, and it was damaged beyond reason. Torn armour plating and buckled weaponry could be seen crunched up against the grey lichen covered rock face.  Contorted hull fragments jabbed at the air, and black smoke billowed from the huge sub-space engines at the rear.  The stench of co...
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