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Premeditation by Albert Da Silva

By Albert Da Silva

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Book Synopsis

an action thriller about reflection and revenge. Matt Sasso, a Tribeca fashion photographer, finds himself in the position of having to kill someone or be killed himself. His intended victim is a Mafioso, who dumps toxic waste and poisons the drinking water of millions of people, making Matt's decision easier - but not easy - to commit premeditated murder. To do this violent act, Matt must recapture the ferocity and skills he had as a kid growing up on the mean streets of Manhattan's Little Italy. He also has to justify his actions to himself, to the woman he loves, and to his God.

Premeditation is a first novel by Northwest writer and Writers Guild of America west member, Albert Da Silva, who grew up in Lower Manhattan - the location for much of this exciting story.


Lower Manhattan -1995

Twilight faded into...
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